OOCLOCK is exhibited during the International furniture and interiors fair - IMM in Cologne as part of the embracing exchange exposition.
14 through 20 January 2019



What is ooclock

ooclock is a completely new clock concept. Nothing comparable out there. With its impressive 70 cm (27”) diameter and 3 rotating elements, absolutely silent witnesses of time. The inner element indicates seconds, the middle ring indicates hours, while the outer indicates minutes.

ooclock is made from top class materials. The dials are made of steel. Coated in several colours, and also available with finishes of beautiful metal oxides, and even gold-plated. It does not need any maintenance, and setting the time is a real pleasure. ooclock sets up a wifi connection to your mobile phone and you can set the time to any value you choose in the menu on your mobile phone.

ooclock available colours

Design and colours

ooclock is available in the following designs:
Colour series: the steel basic material is coated and available in several colours.
Earth series: a handcrafted treatment gives the cortensteel a very exclusive appearance. Every single clock is different and unique (available soon).
Gold: A very exclusive finish in gold plating (available soon).

The story behind ooclock

We are a small team of enthousiastic technology developers and designers. Our roots are in the world of high tech industry of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. An area reknowned for its top class technology with companies like ASML and Philips Healthcare, and its large sector of manufacturers in all thinkable industrial processes. A huge potential of know-how and technology, all available within a few square kilometers. At the same time this region is known for another icon: Design. The Design Academy of Eindhoven is one of the best academies in the world, attracts students from all over the world and generates a large community of industrial designers that bring an explosion of new ideas to make a better world. The yearly event Dutch Design Week brings scouts and design lovers from all over the world to Eindhoven.

We have developed technology for high tech companies for many years, and love to design products. Now we bring together technology and interior design and enable products on the crossing point of art and design that have never been seen before. How? By actively investing our time in developing new products, combining state-of-the-art technology in a smart way, and integrate it with beautiful design. No throw-away products, but durable quality items that last a lifetime, made with respect for our environment. We do that ourselves. Thanks to our experience in mechatronics and a professional understanding of what makes a good product.

ooclock high tect parts
We enjoy this work and are proud to present ooclock. It is developed, designed, produced and assembled in the region. Local for local, by people that love their job. That’s how we want to work and it pays off in quality. We know each and everybody that contributes by name. We think it is important that all of us can be proud. That’s why you find all of their names on the ooclock.

The team

Gidy Knoors MSc Mechanical Engineering, entrepreneur, project manager, designer, sculptor, stayer. 25 years of experience in precision mechanics. Professional sculptor of stone and bronze sculptures. He used his artistic experience in bronze sculptures to create beautiful oxide finishes in the Earth series.

Gidy Knoors
Matthijs Hajer

Matthijs Hajer MSc Mechatronics, designer of electronics, software, mechanics, a bright mind. Experienced in mechatronics through 20 years of development in the high tech business. Hands-on can do type. Built his own 3D printer, milling machine, and real flying model airplanes.

René Holten Entrepreneur and designer of ooclock. A creative mind. Designer of many interior products. His furniture and bathroom designs won Red Dot award, Design Plus award ISH, and more. His furniture finds its way all over the world through labels like Artifort, Clou and Indera.

René Holten

Key Features

  • Diameter

    70 cm

  • Weight

    15 kg

  • Power supply

    100-240 VAC

  • Wall mounting

    1 Screw or hook

  • Time adjustment

    Wifi enabled

Available models

  • Colour series

    RAL colours

  • Earth series


  • Gold series

    22 karate gold coated


Contact us

Address:Oude dijk 1, 5674 TT Nuenen, The Netherlands
KvK:71611606 (Dutch Chamber of Commerce)

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