Power cord options

Ooclock looks best when no visible power cable is running towards the clock. Therefore the covering of ooclock has been prepared with a cavity on the rear side, large enough to house both the power socket as well as the power adapter. This invisible cable concept is our advised mounting solution.

Option 1: power socket & adapter mounted behind the clock.
Option 2: power socket below the clock.
Option 3: power socket above the clock.

A selection of premium colored fabric power cords is available as an accessory. These cords are custom made to the needed length. Contact us for this option.

Installation steps

Ooclock hangs on the wall supported by a single hook. Depending on the selected power cord option (see options earlier on this page), the power supply and mains socket can be hidden behind the clock. Follow the step-by-step plan below, and mounting ooclock to the correct location will be a succes!